When should I take my Carl F. Bucherer timepiece for servicing?

Like any high precision-instrument, a Carl F. Bucherer timepiece needs to be serviced on a regular basis, to ensure a reliable functioning according to the technical specifications. It is not possible to define standard values regarding the timing of the service intervals, as it depends on the model, the climate, the nature, the manner of the wearing and the treating of the watch. According to our many years of experience, we can recommend a service interval of approx. 4-5 years. We recommend checking the water-resistance of a Carl F. Bucherer watch once a year, but also if the case suffers any hard knocks. The water-resistance of a watch may decrease after a period of time, for example due to the ageing of the gaskets or an accidental (mechanical) impact against one of the components, which is responsible for the water-resistance (such as the crown, pusher or the crystal). This quick check can be done in any certified Carl F. Bucherer service center and is free of charge. The water-resistance check can help to prevent unexpected and avoidable functionality problems, which could damage your Carl F. Bucherer timepiece and could possibly lead to cost intensive measures.

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